Audi Sport TT Cup
20. October 2014


Traveling to Le Mans has always been one of my dreams. The kart track is right next to the famous “24-hours of Le Mans” track.

I quickly got used to the track and I enjoyed every moment of my racing week. The qualifying took place after dusk and in wet conditions. Those proofed to be very difficult conditions, because there was not much visibility, despite the floodlight. Nevertheless, my kart went very well and I secured the 6th best lap time. I was very happy with my performance. The races gave me a mixed picture. The first two races went very well and I made P5 and P3. At the start of race 3 I was involved in an accident and I fell back to the end of the pack. This meant, I had to start the pre-final from P15 and after a difficult race I came in on P30. As a consequence, I had to push as much as I could during the final and I made a good P19 eventually. All in all a great week and a lot of new experiences.