Audi Sport TT Cup
29. June 2017

Yannik excited for German Monaco

Audi Sport TT Cup on the Norisring

Next weekend the next premiere awaits Yannik Brandt. The German-Swiss is going to start on a city track for the first time. The Norisring in the heart of Nuremberg poses a special challenge. Yannik wants to drive among the front field again as he is the best rookie so far.

After the kick-off in Hockenheim and the second race within the framework of the 24h-race on the Nürburgring, now the next challenge awaits Yannik Brandt. The Audi Sport TT Cup celebrates its home match next weekend on the Norisring in Nuremberg. Only 90km away from Ingolstadt, numerous Audi fans are going to cheer on the young drivers of the brand cup.

These are going to be special racing days for Yannik. The newcomer of the Audi Sport TT Cup is going to start on a city track for the first time. “I have seen a couple of races on the Norisring on TV already. Now I’m excited to drive there myself. A mistake is directly going to be noticeable on this track, so I’ll need full concentration”, the 16-year-old Zurich resident says about the difficulties of the track.

With 2,3 kilometers, the Norisring is the shortest track on the racing calendar. The high-speed track in the heart of Nuremberg is located between Dutzendteich and Grundig Stadium, officially only has four bends and is still challenging. “One has to be especially careful at the end of the start-finish-straight. The safety zone is a little bigger than usual and provokes overtaking maneuvers”, continued Yannik.

The young driver started into the Audi Sport TT Cup successfully. He drove among the top places at the four ranked races so far and is going to travel to Nuremberg as the leading driver on the rookie list of rankings. At the overall list of rankings he is on the fourth place with only a small backlog.

Yannik can get used to the difficulties of the track during free trainings on Friday. He then has to achieve a good starting position for the two races by doing well at qualifying Saturday morning. The races are going to take place on Saturday (5.45pm) and Sunday (12.10pm). Both races are going to be broadcast live via online-stream at www.audi.de. There is also going to be a highlight magazine afterwards on the German sports channel Sport1.