Audi Sport TT Cup
30. May 2017

Exciting races on the Nürburgring

Yannik continues to be best rookie at the Audi Sport TT Cup

Last weekend the second event of the Audi Sport TT Cup took place within the framework of the legendary 24h-race on the Nürburgring. Rookie Yannik Brandt presented himself in top form and defended his place as best newcomer.

After his successful start at the Audi Sport TT Cup on the Hockenheimring, the German-Swiss Yannik Brandt travelled to the second event in the Eifel highly motivated. On the Nürgburgring the brand cup took place within the framework of the biggest race in the world – the 24h-race. Tens of thousands of motorsports fans had already been arriving at the traditional track since Monday and made for a unique setting. “This is really special to me”, said the 16-year-old rookie beforehand and continued, “I’m already impressed only by seeing the size of this event from the paddock.”

Yannik then was highly concentrated on the track and highlighted his ambitions directly by coming in second during free training. Things didn’t go perfectly for him during the following qualifying though. Starting positions six and five at the heats didn’t match his expectations: “After the good warm-up I had hoped for something more. But I still hold all the cards and am going to fully attack.”

The third ranked race of the Audi Sport TT Cup already took place on Friday evening. Yannik was among the front field and aimed for a place on the winners’ podium. But a race break caused a premature end. “Unfortunately not even 50% of the racing distance had been done, which is why the racing result is not going to be counted in the championship”, the race driver from Zurich explained at the finish line.

The second race on Saturday morning didn’t go any less exciting. Yannik achieved a perfect start and was already on third place. But in the middle of the turmoil he again lost a couple of places. Due to impressive maneuvers he fought his way forward again and was able to collect important championship points in the end by coming in fifth. “I’m very content. The podium was within reach once again. On the overall list of rankings I’m best rookie and am very close behind third place”, Yannik summed up positively.

His focus is now completely on the next race. Another highlight awaits Yannik then. From June 30th – July 2nd the young drivers are going to start on the Norisring in Nuremberg within the framework of the German Touring Car Masters (DTM). The city track is also called “Little Monaco” and demands full concentration of the young drivers. The smallest mistake is directly punished by touching a concrete wall.