Audi Sport TT Cup
23. August 2016

Educational Zandvoort-weekend for Yannik Brandt

Numerous overtaking maneuvers at the North Sea

Last weekend, the premiere of the ADAC Formula 4 waited in Dutch Zandvoort. The high-speed young drivers’ school started on the track at the North Sea for the first time. Youngster Yannik Brandt experienced diversified races and gathered further experience in his rookie season.

The guest performance on the Nurburgring was still fresh on Yannik Brandt’s mind. During three strong races he experienced his best performance at the ADAC Formula 4 so far and wanted to take this trend to the Netherlands as well. “Contrary to all the other tracks, all drivers are starting from scratch here. Maybe I can use this positively”, the young German said prior to the event.

The 4.307m long track through the dunes was a perfect setting under best weather conditions. Lots of spectators were already at the track on Friday and cheered on the youngsters. After confident free trainings, qualifying didn’t go according to plan though – Yannik only came in 15th of his group and had to enter the races from the last starting position. “Right now I’m very disappointed. My goal was a place among the front midfield but unfortunately I didn’t get it”, Yannik summed up.

During the two races on Saturday it was difficult for him to gain some ground then. Yannik made the best out of his situation though and finished his races on 23rd and 20th places in the summery temperatures. “Even though I’d hoped for more, I can sum things up positively. I’ve learned a lot and have been able to continuously improve my performance. On a difficult track like this it’s a good performance to gain more than 10 positions”, Yannik summed up.

The last race on Sunday morning went chaotically then. Heavy rain and strong squalls made for difficult conditions. Yannik was able to adjust to it though and was on his way to the top 20. A premature race break-off ended his catching-up race in the end though. “Due to the start behind the safety car a couple of laps were missing to gain more positions. The break-off in the end was unfortunate of course”, the Lechner Racing Team driver summed up in the end.

Things are going to continue for Yannik in six weeks. The finale of the ADAC Formula 4 is going to take place on the Hockenheimring from September 30th – October 2nd. “My big goal is to enter the top ten. I’m going to give everything to achieve this“, the rookie explained.